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FRP Rebar

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1 Glass fiber ribs are made of high-performance alkali-free glass fiber and vinyl resin through continuous pultrusion process to form a "full thread" shape with good mechanical properties.

2 The density of GFRP bars is between 1.9g/cm3 and -2.2g/cm3. The tensile strength of the GFRP bars is above 600MPa (the yield strength of secondary steel bars is 335MPa, and the yield strength of tertiary steel bars is 400MPa). Specification type of steel. The modulus of elasticity is greater than 40 GPa. And has good acid and salt corrosion resistance and good antifreeze solubility.

3 Electric insulation, the coefficient of thermal expansion is closer to cement than steel. When the ambient temperature changes, the glass fiber reinforced concrete can cooperate with the concrete, and the two will not generate large temperature stress.

4 Compared with steel bars, the weight of fiberglass ribs is only 1/4 of the weight of steel bars of the same specification. Convenient construction.

5 Excellent cutting ability, can be easily cut directly by the shield machine and shearer without causing abnormal damage to the blade.

6 Environmental protection and no pollution.